Friday, August 6, 2010


Email from Marco J Perez of today:

thanks brother allen, like they say in show buisness any publicity is good publicity.....glad i finally made your "hall of shame"hope and pray i can get support and alot of prayer by this.....te quiero mucho en el senor mi querido hermano......lord bless!!!!!!

"Salvation belongeth unto the LORD: thy blessing is upon thy people. Selah." Ps.3:8

Marco J. Perez Missionary to Colombia


Dear brother Marco Perez,

Where have you been all this time? You just popped out of nowhere when you finally saw your name on our blogs.

Where are our printing presses? You know, the ones you traveled to New York with Mcardle to procure...remember that?

I think its funny that you and Mcardle always talk about money. Mcardle says my 'rantings' have been 'good for business'.

Mcardle says 'business has never been better'...Great! -only in a world where Christians blindly obey their 'leaders'-

Well I do hope 'business' picks up for you so you can spend your days playing Golf in miami at exclusive country clubs like
Mcardle does on missionary dollars.

I hope the tragedy we are going through in having lost everything and being homeless and broke makes you make more $$$$$

i know you criminals never think about the damage you do to the people you destroy!

You remember that sermon Mcardle preached about 'Donde esta la Plata?" were there the whole time I negotiated a
contract with Judas Mcardle...why are you hiding? why do you ignore my phone calls and emails?

...I guess you don't want to incriminate yourself.

Can you email us a picture of yourself so we can put it up in our 'hall of shame'?

I hope the Lord cleans his house out of crooks and criminals like you and Mcardle.

Where are the printing presses Marco Perez?

Who are the missionaries -besides Mcardle- that take pictures of themselves teaching classes so they
can get funding and play golf all day long?

What do you have to say for yourself Marco Perez?

Mcardle stole our life's work with tears in his eyes claiming 'Jesus Christ' Jude 1:8

Birds of a feather flock together!

Where's our printing presses Marco Perez?